A Minute with Lake and Pine Co.


Welcome to Lake and Pine Co., a shop where northern Wisconsin is delightfully intertwined with the lake country lifestyle. This boutique offers carefully curated gifts, home décor, apparel, soaps, lotions, and jewelry.

Lake and Pine Co. is located across the street from beautiful Pewaukee Lake on Wisconsin Avenue. We chatted with Michele Rucci, who owns the shop with her husband, Steve, to get the lowdown.

What is the inspiration behind your boutique?

It’s our combined love of northern Wisconsin and living in lake country. We wanted to bring the two together here in southeast Wisconsin. The boutique has specially selected items to do just that. Our goal is to create a welcoming, exceptional shopping experience.

What items do you sell that are unique to Lake and Pine Co.?

The home décor items we sell you won’t see elsewhere. We are also expanding our Wisconsin-made items from our talented local artisans. Pieces like handmade oars and different wood lake signs are quite popular.

In addition to our wide range of gifts, we have beach essentials for beachgoers in the summer, like flip-flops, hats, glasses, and suntan lotion. And let’s not forget the fun Pewaukee Lake souvenirs.

Why should someone visiting the Waukesha Pewaukee area stop at Lake and Pine Co.?

We are old-fashioned from a customer service perspective. We want shoppers to feel like family. It’s important for us to give our guests a reason to want to be here – and to want to come back… And you can’t beat the gorgeous lake view!