A Minute with Plowshare Fair Trade Marketplace

With the holidays upon us, now is the time to get shopping! Waukesha’s very own Plowshare is the perfect place to stop for fair trade, artisan-crafted gifts for everyone on your list.

We spoke with Sara Allison, director of retail and marketing, about this must-experience gem in the heart of downtown.


What exactly is fair trade?

Fair trade allows economically marginalized people worldwide to earn reasonable wages for the products they create in a suitable environment. Also, fair trade organizations set aside a percentage of sales to support the artisans with medical necessities, clean water, and school for kids.


What makes shopping at Plowshare a unique experience?

Customers find traditional, beautiful artisan crafts that people have created for hundreds of years. A significant focus of fair trade is creating a sustainable line of products.

We pride ourselves on providing education for the community with topics like making peace relevant in the world around us, the vital importance of water, and the significance of sustainability.


What are some of the artisan products you sell that customers love?

We have a vast collection of handcrafted felted wool ornaments, including birds in different styles. There are many holiday-themed ornaments. Our Haitian metal wall art is made solely from old oil drums. The artists use only chalk, a hammer, and a chisel for all the details, and most are signed. Of course, we have fair trade chocolates, tea, and coffee.

Remember – shopping at Plowshare creates a world of good!

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