FootGolf – Two Great Games Combined into One!

Moor Downs Golf Course Waukesha footgolf

Looking for a new sport to try? FootGolf is a super fun game to play and is now offered at Moor Downs Golf Course, located at 438 Prospect Ave. in Waukesha.

Moor Downs Golf Course Waukesha footgolf

Originated in the Netherlands in 2008, FootGolf combines soccer and golf, being more closely related to golf.

The game is played the same way as golf, except participants use a soccer ball instead of a golf ball, and the ball is kicked rather than struck with a club. Players work towards a 21-inch cup in place of a golf hole. The competitor who plays the nine or 18 holes with the fewest shots is the winner.

Footgolf is great for groups and you can use the standard golf groupings as a guide – twosome, threesome, foursome and larger groups can tee off as foursomes, depending on the tee sheet.

Moor Downs Golf Course 2021 FootGolf Rates:

•  9 holes $12.00 adults, $10 college students, $8 juniors/seniors, $7 winter
•  Cart rental $7.50 (per person)
•  Ball rental $5.00 (per person) or you can bring your own soccer ball.

FootGolf tee times are available anytime the golf course is open except during traditional golf league play. The greens and tees for FootGolf are completely separate from those of traditional golf. Not all FootGolf greens are located near the regular greens.

Questions? Check out this FAQ or call Moor Downs Golf Course at (262) 548-7821, or visit the Waukesha County golf website.




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