Get to Know Allô! Chocolat

Allô! Chocolat has been serving up sweet treats in Waukesha since 2006. We caught up with the new owners Tawnya and Jim Shanklin, who purchased the chocolate shop in October of 2017, and have kept it a chocolate destination in Downtown Waukesha.

What makes Allô! Chocolat stand out from other chocolate shops?

The quality of our chocolate is the very best around.  Also, our staff is top notch, they make for a great Allô! Chocolat experience.

Other than chocolate, what does Allô! Chocolat sell?

We have a huge selection of nostalgic candy, things you can’t find anywhere, like Mallo Cups, Zagnut, candy buttons and classic wax lips. In fact, people come in all the time and tell me that Allô! Chocolat is the only place to find these goodies from their past. We also sell ice cream, floats, gift baskets and greeting cards.

What is the most popular class you offer?

Girl Scout classes are hugely popular – the scouts learn the history of chocolate and how chocolate is made. They create their own treats through hands-on activities, learn to temper and mold chocolate, as well as the behind the scenes happenings of preparing, packaging and selling chocolate in a retail setting.  We offer classes for adults too – currently we are looking to start a wine tasting and chocolate class. Stay tuned! Be sure to check out all of our classes.

What would be the perfect gift to give on Valentine’s Day from at Allô! Chocolat?

We have beautiful gift boxes for our Artisan chocolates as well as other assorted chocolates and truffles. We also have stunning (and delicious) chocolate dipped strawberries, raspberries and stemmed cherries.  You can customize your gift or choose from already assembled boxes.

What do you like most about having a business in Waukesha?

Jim and I both grew up in Waukesha, we went to high school here and because of that we know the area well. Moving away for college was exciting, but it was wonderful to move back to our hometown and be a part of the community we love so much.

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