Hands-On Creativity

If you are creative and enjoy using your imagination, then you are in luck because these six Waukesha businesses offer great hands-on workshops where you can paint, make tasty chocolate items, candles, craft, sew or design your own unique pottery. Learn more about these workshops and gather a few friends, your kids or significant other to unleash your creativity.


A Stroke of Genius Paint Wine Studio

Channel your inner artist and create works of art with instruction at A Stroke of Genius in Downtown Waukesha. Choose from a variety of painting options with public classes offered Thurs. – Sat. or schedule your own private party.  There is a wide variety of public art painting options available in January.

A Touch of Glaze Waukesha painted mugs

A Touch of Glaze

A Touch of Glaze is a ceramic studio that people of all ages enjoy where you paint a piece of unfinished pottery. With over 140 pieces to choose from, you can create a gift or an item for your home while making a special memory. The staff will help you or give you the space you need to create your own masterpiece. Once finished they will overglazed in their kiln. If you live close you can stop back in to pick up your finished piece or ask them about having it shipped.


Allô! Chocolat

If you love chocolate or would like to learn more about it, then you should check out one of the chocolate class offerings at Allô! Chocolat in Waukesha. They offer a variety of classes during the week and on weekends.

Chocolate Make & Take –  Sample different types of chocolate and learn about the history of chocolate, how it should be tempered and create your own treats.

Cooking With Chocolate – Explore the history of chocolate as a spice, learn the differences between types of chocolate, sample unusual recipes, learn to store, bake, melt and temper chocolate and grating and chopping techniques.

Small Batch Desserts – Learn the secrets behind making small-batch desserts.

Let’s Have S’More Fun –Discover how to make S’Mores all year round and the history behind each component as well as a variety of recipes.

Ganache 101 –Be taught the art of making ganache for Truffles, fondues and frosting.

Warm Up With Chocolate – Explore the history of Hot Chocolate Beverages and make homemade mixes.

Classes are offered on specific dates, or you can schedule a group for your own class.


Fruits of the Spirit Candles

Make your own candles with the staff at Fruits of the Spirt Candles in Downtown Waukesha with their candle making workshops. Schedule a private workshop with five -10 participants.


Sew Much More

If you enjoy sewing and crafts, Sew Much More offers a variety of classes during the week and weekends as well as open sew times. Class options range from quilting, learning about alcohol inks and making a no sew snowflake.


The Potter’s Shop

If you’ve wanted to make pottery, you’re in luck as The Potter’s Shop in Waukesha offers one-time pottery classes for couples, kids and groups. If you have a particular date in mind for a class, you can schedule a specific date and time.

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