Sam goes mountain biking

It was one of those magical Wisconsin early spring days when the sun was shining, the birds were singing and the trees and flowers were starting to bloom. I couldn’t let this long awaited weather go to waste so I thought, what could I do outside to enjoy this day? And then I remembered that May is national bike month (along with national hamburger month) – so I thought I should check out one of the Waukesha Pewaukee area bike paths. I did a little research and found I had many options:

I dusted off my bike, loaded it up and hit the road. I decided on the Minooka Park bike trail in Waukesha. As I drove into Minooka Park I was reminded how beautiful this park was. The tranquil lake, the many incredibly well maintained picnic areas, the rolling hills and lush vegetation… it was a treat just driving to the bike area.

Once I arrived at the bike trail parking lot it was really easy to get started. Soon I was on my way taking in the beauty of the park and the perfect spring day that we were experiencing. The trails had signs at each juncture to tell me where to go and what trails to ride for all skill levels. With the warm breeze on my face and the sun on my back I felt like I was a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

I was a little worried I’d get lost but the trail looped back around and brought me back to where I started. There were options along the way to go for a longer ride and next time I will definitely give those a try. Riding at Minooka was so awesome it didn’t even feel like exercising!

If you’re looking for something really fun and active to do outside, give one of Waukesha Pewaukee’s bike trails a try. It’s a long winter here in Wisconsin and these biking opportunities help take advantage of our warmer weather.


Here’s another insider tip from me. If your bike could use a tune-up, try one of these local, well-loved bike shops.

The folks at the bureau also put together a great article on many of the local trails here.


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