Each year Waukesha Pewaukee hosts team events ranging from our local crews battling it out to collegiate and semi-professional level play. Our large multi-purpose facilities can accommodate everything your team needs – be sure to check out the details on our facility category pages.

Plus, we can provide your event with the exact services you would like.

So come play in Waukesha Pewaukee where anticipation meets victory!

Waukesha Pewaukee Team Sports Statistics

Baseball: 13 diamonds l Basketball: 13 courts l Ice Hockey: 3 rinks l POM/Dance/Cheer: 356,960 square feet l Soccer: 35 fields l Softball: 14 diamonds l Volleyball: 33 courts

Waukesha Pewaukee Individual Sports Statistics

Bowling: 36 lanes l 9-Hole Golf: 1 course l 18-Hole Golf: 5 courses l Gymnastics: 313,460 square feet l Shooting: 4 clubs l Natatorium: 27,000 square feet l Tennis: 52 courts l Track and Field: 4 fields l Wrestling: 300,560 square feet

Sports of Waukesha Pewaukee