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Waukesha Pewaukee Fish Fries

February 26, 2021

Whether you like the traditional fish fry with fries and coleslaw or more unique takes, learn about what Waukesha Pewaukee restaurants offer.
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Sweet Specialties

February 4, 2021

Whether you are looking for candy, cakes or cookies, read on to learn about five sweet places in Waukesha Pewaukee to find treats and what makes them unique.
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Ice Fishing on Pewaukee Lake

January 27, 2021

Learn about Pewaukee Lake ice fishing and fisheree opportunities for 2021.
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Soup’s On!

January 16, 2021

What could be better on a cold day than some delicious, comforting, warm soup? The delightful savoriness of a good cup or bowl can really hit the spot. Finding a superior soup can take some research, so we did the legwork for you.
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Coffee, Tea & Specialties at Local Coffeehouses

January 8, 2021

These six coffeehouses or coffee shops in Waukesha Pewaukee offer delightful food and drink specialties that make will make you want to say – can we do a coffeehouse loop?
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Adventure Awaits at Waukesha JanBoree 2021

January 5, 2021

Waukesha JanBoree is January 15-24, 2021 at various locations throughout the Waukesha area. Celebrating 36 years of fun, enjoy games, sledding, ice skating, hands on fun and more.
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Meet fun: Live Music, Trivia, Dancing & More

December 28, 2020

Many Waukesha Pewaukee bars and restaurants offer entertaining activities in the evening to enjoy. If you are staying in our area and looking for something fun to do, consider one of these options.
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Celebrate December in Waukesha Pewaukee

December 2, 2020

Make the most of December in Waukesha Pewaukee with these fun activities perfect for the holiday season, many of which can be enjoyed outdoors or in small groups.
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Festive Holiday Fun at Country Christmas

December 1, 2020

Country Christmas is the much-anticipated and festive tradition that takes place in Waukesha Pewaukee during November - January 2.
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Fall Hiking and Biking in the Waukesha Pewaukee Area

November 3, 2020

Get out and explore these hiking and biking trails in the Waukesha Pewaukee area, perfect for a brisk fall day and family fun.
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