A Minute with House of Guinness


House of Guinness, Waukesha’s traditional Irish pub, is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a vast assortment of draft beer, premier cocktails, and an extensive whiskey selection.

We talked with Keith Kucharski, Owner of House of Guinness, who told us everything you need to know about this beloved 23-year-old establishment

What’s a favorite at House of Guinness?

People love our Whiskey Club! Our immense collection of whisky brought about a lot of inquisitive questions from patrons, so we started a club. Free to join, members can try different whiskeys, take notes, and rate them on their own personal whiskey sheet. The more whiskeys tried, the more free things received, like pint glasses, a pub shirt, and free whiskey drinks. We also host whiskey events, where members learn about the process and talk with distributors.

What events does House of Guinness regularly offer?

Every Tuesday evening, we host a traditional Irish session, where customers bring their own instruments to play. On Thursdays, we have spirited games of trivia. Every other Saturday, we have live music played by local musicians. We also have regular cribbage tournaments and whiskey events every few months.

Any plans for St. Patrick’s Day?

Absolutely! Every year. Check back for 2024 festivities!