A Minute with Sienna Moon


A visit to Sienna Moon in Pewaukee means you’re putting yourself back on top of your priority list. 

Grace Brunette Stadler, an owner of the year-old establishment, tells us all about it.

What can someone expect when visiting Sienna Moon?

Our women-owned business has an extensive collection of crystals, jewelry, locally-made soaps, lotions, perfume, and body products. It also sells self-help books and clothing. 

 But more than that, it’s a space that offers the possibility of positivity in your life. The shop embodies encouraging energy and provides products to support where you are on your life’s journey.

Here, you can be curious and talk about transforming the parts of your life that need attention. Maybe it’s changing your routine, moving past trauma, listening to your body, or adding more choices to your everyday experience. 

How about your services?

Sienna Moon offers opportunities that help people look inward through Reiki, meditation, rapid transformation therapy, aura scans, and personal coaching. But employees are always looking for new services that customers are interested in. The goal is to promote holistic ways of working to shift your energy.

What events does everyone love?

Our solstice/equinox parties are incredible! There are four, one for each season, which host crystal readers, tarot cards, crafts, and ways to focus on your energy – did we mention fun?! It’s a celebration of our wonderful Sienna Moon community of friends.

See you at Sienna Moon – where you can lean into loving yourself!