Pizza in Waukesha Pewaukee


When you are craving pizza, look no further than this helpful resource for Waukesha Pewaukee pizza places to help feed your craving. Whether you like thin crust, gluten-free, deep dish, unique toppings or national favorites, find them all here.


Deep Dish/Pan Pizza

Try the deep dish or pan pizza here:


Gluten-Free Pizza

These restaurants offer gluten-free crusts:

  • Doc’s Dry Dock offers 10” gluten-free crusts (price is the same as a 12” pizza)
  • Hop Harvest & Vine is a new restaurant located in the same building as Good Harvest Market. They offer Artisan Pizzas and gluten-free crusts in 8” and 14” sizes
  • Curly’s Waterfront Bar & Grill offers both a 10” and 12” gluten-free pizza crust option for an additional cost
  • Mia’s in Waukesha offers a gluten-free crust pizza for an additional cost
  • Park Avenue Pizza Co offers a personal size gluten-free crust

Thin Crust Pizza

Thin crust pizza is calling you, check out one of these options:



Do you enjoy a traditional pizza with cheese, meat and tried and true toppings?  Try one of these local favorites:

  • Curly’s Waterfront Sports Bar & Grill is a local sports bar and grill that offers pizza in a wide variety of sizes, 9”, 12”, 14” and 16” with 13 choices of toppings
  • Doc’s Dry Doc offers small, medium and large pizzas with traditional toppings and choice of chunky or BBQ pizza sauce
  • Jimmy’s Grotto offers a wide variety of traditional pizzas in 12”, 14” and 16” sizes
  • Noah’s Pizza offers a variety of traditional pizzas in 12”, 14” and 16” sizes with over 20 topping choices
  • Park Avenue Pizza Company offers over 30 topping options and small, medium and large pizzas that are made to order

Unique Pizza Toppings

If you enjoy unique pizza toppings, you must try one of these:

  • Brewmaster Mac & Cheese, Pesto Fresco, Kegerator and more unique pizzas and sauces, many that have beer infused, are only available at Raised Grain Brewing Company
  • Crab Rangoon pizza is definitely unique and available at Curly’s Waterfront Bar & Grill
  • If you like chicken and ranch, try the Chicken Ranch featuring white sauce, mozzarella, ranch sauce, chicken, bacon and red onions at Park Avenue Pizza Company
  • Eggplant Parmesan pizza is only available at Mia’s in Waukesha
  • Gyro Pizza is available at Sal’s and Noah’s
  • The Ponza Rotta is a unique Italian offering, like a calzone, that features a crispy deep-fried crust filled with your choice of cheese, meats and veggies and is a must-try at Jimmy’s Grotto
  • Magellan’s on Main offers hand-tossed pizza crusts in personal, 10” and 16” sizes with many great non-traditional topping options from Fried Italian to Chili Lime Chicken, Jambalaya and so many more – be sure to check out their full menu
  • Give the “Mega Watt” pizza “Created by #99 Himself” a try. This pizza has lite sauce, chicken, bacon, w/sides of ranch & jalapeno’s and is available at Doc’s Dry Doc (A portion of proceeds from Mega Watt Pizza sales are donated to the Justin J Watt Foundation)
  • Shrimp pizza or chicken parmesan pizza can be found at Michael’s Italian Restaurant
  • Taco Pizza is available at Jimmy’s GrottoMichael’s Italian RestaurantNoah’s PizzaPark Avenue Pizza and Sal’s Pizza